Hi, I'm Debbie and I'm a Web Designer.

I paint the town web red, and sometimes, blue, yellow, green or purple. I also speak HTML and CSS.

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The US Presidential Timeline

Time travel back through history as you take a look at the previous US presidents who have taken on the toughest job in the Nation. Perhaps a look into the past will give us a clue to what we can hope for in the future.

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Busy Bee

Looking for a great child care center in either Rahway or East Windsor NJ? Busy Bee Child Care Centers are the perfect place for your child to have a nurturing day care experience.

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2016 Presidentential Candidate Watchlist

Learn about the candidates who have put their name in the hat for the job of President of the United States. Tweets, info, and articles will be updated daily.

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Gretchen Carlson's Website

All About Gretchen Carlson, Host of The Real Story on Fox News. Check out her upcoming book, photots from her childhood and more.

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The Lewin Fund

This amazing non-profit organization raises money for not one, but all forms of women's cancer types. Learn about women's cancer statistics and facts that will have you speachless.

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Rosie's Lingerie NYC

New York City's first at home concierge lingerie service from fittings to merchendise. Getting the perfect bra should be easy and Rosie's is here to help.

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Strange Inherritance

Join host Jamie Colby on Fox Business as she uncovers some truly strange and fascinating inherited objects and items on her show Strange Inheritance.

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Fox and Friends

Watch Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade every morning on Fox News's Fox and Friends. Also, check out the All American Summer Concert Series page to see great musical guests every friday during the summer.

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Fox Business Channel Finder

Fox Business's channel finder page shows you where to find your shows depending on your cable provider.

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Fox News 404 Page

You may think a 404 page is not visited often, but on Foxnews.com a broken link can lead you to several more stories that you may be looking for.

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PVLoops is a medical device app company. Their latest app Harvi is a digital texbook with an interactive simulation for cardiac output. If you're a medical student or in the cardiology field, this app is for you.

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The Guide

For new employees it can be a difficult transition. But at Fox News Digital you'll always know everything from directions to intranet links.

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Check out Sean Hannity's website for Fox News's show Hannity on weeknights at 10pm, for all the latest news. Make sure to check the "Hanni-ties" section and see the Wheel of Ties in action.

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